How to Find Cheaper Cash Advance Rates

Written By Heru Kusnadi on Wednesday, July 17, 2013 | 4:46 AM

If you need a cash advance, the chances are it's because you don't have money to pay bills that are due or because you can't afford to buy something you want – and you probably need that money right now. If you didn't, you'd go to the bank and apply for a loan and go through all of that hassle. Maybe your credit isn't that good, either, so you really can't get a loan through the bank. No matter what your circumstances or the reason that you need money fast, you'll want to look at all your options. A lot of people take out a cash advance on their credit cards, but if you don't have any, they're maxed out, or you just want to ensure that you get a lower rate than what they would charge you, a payday loan would be a lot better choice for you. These loans are pretty easy to get for most people, and they can save you a lot of money in the long run. You'll be able to get your money quickly and typically with no credit check – without waiting for the bank to decide it if thinks you're worthy.

In order to find cheaper cash advance rates, though, you have to check around. There are a lot of different options for payday loan companies, which is where most people get their cash advances. There are a lot of families in these troubling economic times that are struggling to pay their bills and put food on their tables, and as more people end up in this situation there will be a bigger demand for payday loan companies and other places where people can get a cash advance to help them out. If you want a cheaper cash advance rate you have to do your research. There are good companies that have been around for a long time and there are fly by night companies that have appeared quickly and will probably disappear just as quickly. Some of the new companies are good ones offering competitive rates, though, so don't automatically turn down a company just because it's new. Check it out first and see what you can find out about it if you really want to use it and think it would be the best one to meet your needs.

In general, though, most payday loan companies that are well established and have been around for some time are a better choice for getting a great interest rate on your cash advance. They have more customers and more money to work with, and the larger volume of customers translates into great rates that you otherwise probably couldn't get. Often the smaller companies can't give you this because they don't have the customer volume or the backing or the collateral to loan as much money at such great rates. Taking your time and looking around at what you are offered is the best way to ensure that you'll get the lowest cash advance rate possible for your situation.


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